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Holiday Parade

The Chamber will be kicking off the holiday shopping season the Saturday after Thanksgiving Day. All merchants, business owners, service organizations, and community organizations are invited to participate. Contact the Chamber office for information at 201-933-5230.




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Your Website

     The Rutherford Chamber of Commerce is looking for great ways to help your business grow! When you join, you business will be hosted for FREE! A one page site will be listed and linked from the Rutherford Chamber of Commerce website - giving your business FREE advertising and exposure. If you already have a website, we will list and link that site for FREE as well.

      Each member will need to provide their own information and the material for their own page; including text and any photographs. Minimal quarterly updates will be provided FREE of charge!

     There are no contracts to sign and you will always be free to move your website.




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Welcome Shopping Bags

Chamber shopping bags are filled with merchant information and discounts, along with important Borough of Rutherford schedules and are distributed to new homeowners.



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Chamber History

The Rutherford Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 1927 as a non-profit organization for the purpose of promoting commercial, retail, industrial and civic activities for the economic and community development of the Rutherford Community.

Chamber members represent every type of business, industry and profession in the area. Members of the Chamber's Board of Directors are either selected by an annual election conducted among all members or appointed by the Board to ensure diverse representation. The Board of Directors elects Chamber Officers from among their membership. The President appoints committee Chairpersons.

The Rutherford Chamber of Commerce is committed to carefully planning, defining, establishing and pursuing policies beneficial to its members. This is done through an active voluntary committee structure. Committees prepare and submit proposals to the Board of Directors for action and approval. The Chamber staff provides the means by which committee proposals approved by the Board translate into action.

The Rutherford Chamber of Commerce promotes civic efforts that improve community life and foster good business practices, expresses sound opinions on questions relating to community welfare, unifies the business community and channels its energies to constructive programs.

The Rutherford Chamber of Commerce has effectively and capably fulfilled these responsibilities for 75 years. With your support and participation, the Chamber will continue to do so for years to come. Please join the many firms and individuals who realize the value of a strong Chamber of Commerce dedicated to Rutherford's economic progress and the welfare of the businesses operating within the community.




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Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce
201 Route 17 N.
Rutherford NJ 07070


Phone: (201) 939-0707
Fax: (201) 939-0522

E-mail: office@meadowlands.org


The Meadowlands Regional Chamber is a respected business service organization that accelerates economic, community and business development by providing networking & relationship building; destination & tourism marketing; business education and leadership training; legislative and public affairs advocacy, and workforce development to businesses of all sizes all across industry sectors.  MRC assists its member businesses by being a conduit of information and providing real-time business intelligence & referral services as well as cost saving value added member benefits.